Azalea Parade 2024


PBARC provided radio communications and traffic control for the Azalea Parade on May 25, 2024.

"Hot Wash" notes

There should be a three-way stop at the intersection of 2nd and Easy (and others?) so volunteers do not need to stand in the road to block traffic.

We should consider having a formal agreement/MOU with the city.

The ICP2 frequency should be on 70 cm, rather than 2 m, to avoid interference. Also, antennas should be as far apart as is feasible.

ICP2 does not need to monitor at all times; in an emergency, someone could contact ICP1, then be redirected to another channel (which ICP2 would also use) if needed.

Having all five golf carts is very helpful.

Candy tossed in the street is dangerous, because children go into the road to try to retrieve it. Also, young children being designated to give out candy is problematic; there should be a minimum age or height for candy-throwers.

We should know who is the color guard, and they should be labeled appropriately.

Equestrian groups should be together. There should be someone behind them to pick up waste. Also, skittish horses should not be allowed in the parade.

The radio noise level was low; communications work much better on a single frequency.

At least one marshal should be designated to help with minor vehicle problems such as dead batteries; this person should carry a jump-starter battery. However, the battery must be hooked up and used by the entrant, not the marshal, for liability reasons. The club could be sued if the marshal hooks up the wires and makes a mistake!

Could we have the golf cart pickup location be the Lutheran church?

Band groups need to keep up with the pace of the parade; they tend to go too slowly and create large gaps.

There needs to be a better tactical call sign for "end of parade route."

At least net control and the marshals, but preferably all participants, should have a more detailed map of the town, showing, among other things, the golf cart dropoff location.

There should be barricades at the intersection of Highway 101 and Easy Street; the police should be aware of potential issues here.

We should have a plan for who will go to pick up the marshals after they drop off their carts; however, this would not be needed if the carts could be left at the church.

There should be someone helping parade traffic from Americoast merge into the parade.

The station at the end of the parade route should give entrant numbers with reports.

Information given to parade entrants should have a focus on safety. Perhaps there should be a short exam that entrants have to take? A video about safety practices?

Should some marshals be assigned to sections of the parade route?

For city

There should be someone from the city at the Lutheran church for the duration of the parade.