Crown Terrace Repeater


The Crown Terrace repeater (146.840 MHz, - offset, 88.5 Hz tone) is one of PBARC's repeaters. It is used for the Health and Welfare Net and Public Service Net.

There is also a weather station located at the site; data is available from Weather Underground, station ID KORBROOK132.

The site is owned by Harbor Water. Only PBARC property is allowed at the site, and all equipment must be labeled. Cameras are forbidden due to privacy concerns.

Electrical measurements

The shack is on a 20 A circuit. However, we should keep our load below 16 A to avoid tripping the breaker during hot weather. It seems that some of Harbor Water's equipment is on the same circuit.

AC power

The 2 m repeater draws 12.25 A when transmitting (50 W RF output). This leaves about 3.75 A for other equipment.

The DMR repeater draws 1.03 A when transmitting (15 W RF) and 0.25 A when quiescent.

DC battery power

When running on battery power, the 2 m repeater drops to 20 W RF output. At this power level, it draws 4.8A while transmitting and 0.75A while quiescent.

The batteries are model 8144 6 V deep cycle batteries, typically used in golf carts. The charge controller (made by Foval) only charges at 1 A, so it will take quite some time to recharge after a power outage.

Things to acquire for the site

  • Waterproof document box with dessicant
  • RigRunner or similar fuse panel
  • 2-RU rack-mount panel (to mount the fuse panel)
  • 10x24 machine screws, for use in the Chatsworth 2-post racks (in a labeled container, with desiccant)